Leading Minds Consulting

We consult to clients who are dealing with change initiated from within their organisations, and in response to new circumstances in their external environment. We work with clients at all phases of the organisational lifecycle - new start, consolidation and growth, merger, and post-merger. Our work falls into five broad categories:

Leadership and change consultancy


Leadership development programmes


Executive coaching and role consultation – a ‘thinking space’


Career coaching







Leadership and Change Consultancy
Fit for phase We work with you and your teams to clarify and analyse what will hold you back and take you forward as you shape and lead your organisation through change, and to help you create the conditions...
Leadership development programmes
The learning curve We provide bespoke leadership development programmes to take account of where your organisation is now, so that you can ‘grow the future’ e.g. by nurturing talent, creating a coaching...
Executive coaching and role consultation
A ‘thinking space’ Holding a senior role in any organisation can be a lonely experience – especially during times of change and transition. The more senior your role, the less likely you are to have the...
Career coaching
Taking stock There is often a point in people’s careers where they experience a need to take stock of their career, to explore the possibilities available to them. This may be prompted by the prospect...
Board dynamics
Governance: working with your board Boards sometimes need help in understanding how best to work with the executive team so that the relationship is constructive and supportive whilst expressing the right...

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