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Lynne Sedgmore CBE, Executive Director, 157 Group

Mary was an outstanding leader of her team and programme. Her ability as the leadership designer of our Chief Executive gold standard national Leadership Programme was first class. She was innovative, leading edge and exhibited remarkable emotional intelligence and effective delivery alongside strong mutual relationships with participants and all stakeholders. She will be an asset to any organisation. She is also a first class coach with individuals.

Diana E Watson, Director, Bespoke Marketing and Consulting

I have both known and worked with Mary for several years and can confidently say that she is one of the best leadership development professionals that I have had the privilege to work with. She combines a considerable depth of expertise, immense credibly with her work in a wide range of sectors and an unassuming ability to connect with her audience; she is able to work with all types of people and to bring out the best in them.

Deborah Fleming, Organisational Development Practitioner, Chameleon Works

Mary is highly skilled at diagnosising leadership issues and challenges and is innovative in how she solves and supports these. Her insights into group dynamics have been very helpful to me in some of the groups we have been involved with.

Kathryn Wakefield, Manager and Professional Coach, Communications Directorate, Lifelong Learning UK

Mary supervised my coaching initiative at Lifelong Learning UK. As my supervisor, she created a safe space for me to reflect, learn and develop my confidence in supporting others. Her expertise and insight of organisations and groups has been invaluable to me and in turn those I coached. I am very grateful to have benefited from Mary's time, quality of attention and her focus on what matters.

Professor Peter Robertson, Organisation Ecologist & Partner, Human-Insight

I have worked with Mary in several executive leadership programs and consultative engagements. Her style is high intelligent, high touch and high performance. She is able to engage in many different settings and exceptionally well on the executive level. She is modest and reveals her deep professional background only when appropriate and needed in the context at hand.

Her values are strong and she is able to create trust in relationships even when tough transformational actions have to be taken. Working with her as a colleague was always a matter of joy and learning.

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