Leading Minds Consulting
Our approach

A mind for change


Our approach can be described as:

  • Building deep insight and understanding to increase your organisation’s capacity to respond creatively to change
  • Working ‘beneath the surface’ to identify ‘blocks’ and facilitate change
  • Taking a ‘systems’ view of your organisation and environment because all the parts are interconnected
  • Designing interventions to share learning, and increase self and organisation awareness to realise your potential
  • Engaging with complexity to generate a clear analysis of your organisational issues, because change is complex
  • Reflective, rigorous and thoughtful, because the way you think about a dilemma or problem, shapes a course of action
  • Working with clients at a deep level of analysis to get to the ‘roots’ of a problem or issue.
  • Keeping in mind the strategic purpose of the organisation and the emotional climate that will further or hinder its work
  • Strengthening the resilience of individuals and teams to manage through intense periods of uncertainty and change


Change tests leadership - especially the skills to motivate people and provide a secure ‘transitional’ space in which the change process can be worked through.  As a leader, it is essential that you have a ‘roadmap’ for this particular journey; different points in the lifecycle of your organisation require a different response from leaders.  What this means in practice is a way of leading and managing that is psychologically informed’.  Understanding the strategic imperatives that that are visible, as well as the ‘beneath the surface’ dynamics of what happens in groups, and organisations, particularly during periods of change.  This requires skill and practice, and will help you provide leadership that enables change, and creates a culture that is ‘change-ready’.

Whether you achieve an outcome of success, frustrated performance or failure, will depend on how you apply these skills and knowledge. Because change depends on people working well together to do new things, or work in different ways, the familiar ways of relating to colleagues and work become disrupted. If you ignore this dimension of change in a human system, you are not likely to have an emotional climate that is capable of supporting change or growth.

Whatever your organisation’s phase – we will work closely with you and your teams to understand what you want to achieve in your business.  We want to understand your unique culture and circumstances, and work with you to achieve solutions that fit you and your organisation, because ‘one size’ does not fit all.

We tailor our consultancy to help you diagnose and clarify problems, and use our specialist knowledge and skills to support you to use your talent and creativity, to work through solutions, to achieve change and transition, to growth.

Our commitment to how we will work with you

We partner you, and collaborate with you when we undertake consultancy work. We work with you, in a relationship, using our combined skills and strengths in the assignment. Our intention is to create a piece of work with you, that you are able to own and see yourself in.  Our work with you begins with our first conversation. We listen carefully to what you want and need, and work with you to design an intervention that will support you in achieving those outcomes. Working with you as a ‘critical friend’ means providing you with honest, high quality feedback, whilst supporting you to realise the change you want to achieve. It may be hard work, and a bit tough at times, but it will also be a committed client relationship, where you and your organisation are understood, and supported to grow, and be inspiring.

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